The time is now. 

As artists, we are cultural workers. We traffic in ideas and abstractions. We generate and elevate conversation. At our best, we can inspire, galvanize and change the course of history.  Too many of us inhibit our voices, undervalue our work, and negotiate budgets down to unlivable wages. We have work to do. I'll say it again. We. Have. Work. To. Do! We need to get out of our own way and play at our highest level. We need to be well resourced with time, money and partnerships. We need to educate the public about the economic and social value of the art we make. Sometimes, it feels like we need to educate ourselves first. 

I have been working with artists, filmmakers, writers, radio producers and musicians for more than 13 years as a facilitator in Creative Capital's Professional Development Program and as a private coach. I've worked with hundreds of artists across all disciplines to help identify road blocks, practice new habits in thinking and creating and move away from the scarcity model of the starving artist to sustainable and healthy career. For me, this work is political. This is my practice. I have had the incredible fortune of working with business leaders and prominent artists and I want to pass on to you what I've learned so you can do the same in your community. 

I adapt several practices into these coaching calls. You will set goals based on your inner compass. How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience this year? In your lifetime? What does that look like now? In five or ten years? We're not just talking about the work here. We are complicated people with extra complicated lives. To work at our highest level, we need to be healthy, happy and supported beings. You will decide what that means but that is a part of the conversation that we will have. 

There are no quick fixes. We will look clearly and analytically at the actions you can take every day in the direction of your goals. If you get hung up on budgeting, we can do some real cost budgeting for your life and your project. I can give you feedback on your web presence and social media profile. I specialize in research and writing and marketing your work. If you want a sounding board for ideas and drafts, we can make that a part of our time together. 

One thing I am really good at is making connections between ideas, projects and people. It can be challenging to get enough distance on your work so see it afresh or to identify underlying themes that can hold a body of work together. These conversations are some of my favorites, conversations in which artists connect the dots between potential partners, audiences, collaborators and themselves. Are you being brave enough? Are you playing big enough? 

We are all in this together. These are all learned skills based on what is working for artists in the field today. Why these skills are not taught in school is beyond ridiculous. Let's change that. 

$270/three hour long sessions or $100/session

I recommend a set of three calls, spaced two weeks apart, to begin. I generally give assignments at the end of each call. 

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